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On 1st March,  Diocesan Synod unanimously agreed to this motion on the future of Fresh Expressions in Chelmsford Diocese

‘This Synod welcome the Audit of Fresh Expressions in the Chelmsford Diocese carried out by the Church Army’s Research Centre and rejoices in the effective mission exercised by a good variety of Fresh Expressions in our diocese.

We therefore:

(a) Reaffirm our commitment to becoming a ‘mixed economy church’, developing both new and inherited forms of mission and ministry; one of the principles set out in Reimagining Ministry,

(b) Urge deaneries, benefices and parishes to actively consider what mix of Fresh Expressions, pioneer and inherited forms of ministry is appropriate in each of our Mission and Ministry Units, and ensure deanery resourcing plans take full account of these, and

(c) Commit to on-going evaluation of coverage and effectiveness of Fresh Expressions and pioneer ministries through the Area Mission and Pastoral Committees and Archdeacons visitations.’

Presentation slides on Fresh Expressions in Chelmsford Diocese by George Lings

Download the PowerPoint slides.

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