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The Citation (blue) click to download

This gives details of the dates and venues for the Visitation Services in your Archdeaconry.  In order to be admitted to office for the coming year, you will need to attend one of these services.  If for good reason you are unable to attend the Visitation Service(s) for your Archdeaconry please contact your Archdeacon’s office so that arrangements can be made for you to be admitted separately.

The Nomination Paper (green) click to download

This document is for this year’s election, making it easier at your annual meeting of parishioners.

The Certificate and Declaration (pink) click to download

This form should be printed off and all newly elected Churchwarden(s) should complete this form on both sides and bring it to the service at which they are to be admitted, to give to the Archdeacon.

Articles of Enquiry Form (white) for the year ended 31st December 2016 click to download

It is a simple form for you to complete and it is a legal requirement that needs your attention before the Visitation Service.

This form should be completed by you and be brought to the Visitation Service to give to the Archdeacon (please keep an extra copy for your records). 

Serving with Accountability click to download

This year we have simplified the request and ask that the attached document is passed to your PCC for discussion.  Please could the PCCs responses be recorded and sent to your archdeacon’s office by 30th November 2017.

Next year we hope to send the majority of Visitation paperwork in this way (hard copies will be available upon request).

We look forward to seeing all Churchwardens at a Visitation Service.  Refreshments and a Bookstall will be available.  Do please contact us if we can help you at this busy time.

With all good wishes,


Yours sincerely,

Martin Webster, Archdeacon of Harlow

For more information please contact Chris Copus
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