I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly

John 10.10

Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2020

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This year we are partnering with the Anglican Communion’s microfinance charity Five Talents to raise funds for their work in our link diocese of Marsabit in Kenya. Five Talents provide training in literacy, numeracy and basic business skills to free people from dependency and help them live more abundant lives. 

Watch this short video to see the amazing work that Five Talents are undertaking for the people of Marsabit.

What prevents people from living an abundant life? In many parts of the world, access to food, water and education are just some of the barriers.

Another barrier is dependency – that sense that an individual can do nothing without constant help from another person.

This year’s Lent Appeal seeks to help people in Marsabit in northern Kenya discover that life can be more abundant.

Many people in this dry and arid region live below the national poverty line of less than £25 a month, whilst climate change and scarcity of water and pasture has left them vulnerable to food insecurity. In addition, only 28% of women and 47% of men are literate.

With your help, Five Talents will be able to train twelve groups this year across Marsabit in literacy, numeracy and basic business skills.

This will enable these groups, predominantly of women, to create savings and loans co-operatives, which will help them to become more financially independent, develop businesses and ensure that their children can access education for themselves.

Five Talents will be working closely with our link diocese in Marsabit, and particularly the Mother’s Union to achieve this goal.

This is a programme that has already helped people in other parts of East Africa to be set free from dependency, and live a more abundant life.

Your donations will release the people of Marsabit to live such a life for themselves.

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Here are some simple things you can do to help raise funds for the 2020 Bishop’s Lent Appeal.

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