Hold on to Instruction ... For it is your life

Proverbs 4.13

Diocese of Chelmsford Lent Appeal 2019

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Join with us this year as we raise vital money to support our partners at St Andrew’s College, Kabare. They have asked us to join with them in raising money for a number of projects that will help them to develop vocational training programmes for the people of the Mount Kenya Region.

The college is based on the site where the Gospel was first brought to the Kikuyu people in 1910. It has been a key partner in the formation of our link 41 years ago, and the library for the college is named after Chelmsford Diocese - thus reminding people of the story of our friendship.

Since its foundation, it has trained many clergy and lay people for a range of occupations, and it now wants to improve its provision for people seeking to develop their own businesses and thus improve their lives, and those of their families.

The college has four projects for which it is seeking our support: It desperately needs more tutorial rooms in order to be able to increase the number of people they are able to instruct in vocational courses.

This will, in turn, require them to have space for more staff and so they need to renovate existing rooms to ensure they are able to attract the best people to teach at the college.

The college also needs to improve the computers in the library (known as the Chelmsford library), as well as purchase books for the business department.

Finally, the college has suffered for a long time with a lack of a reliable water supply. This has, at times, meant that water has been scarce with a negative effect upon the ability of students to study.

They are, therefore, seeking to install a gravity water system that will be much more dependable than the existing pump, and which will ensure that staff and students have one less thing to worry about.

The college, through local fundraising efforts, has already raised £18000 towards these projects. However, there is still another £30000 to find if the college is to fulfil its vision of giving more people instruction that will enable them to find life in all its fulness.

Any money you donate will make this Spirit given dream a reality, so please do consider supporting this year’s Lent Appeal.

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If you would like more information about the project in Kenya, please email the

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