Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

All over Britain, Christians are beginning fresh expressions of church for our changing culture. ‘mission shaped ministry’ is a one year part-time course which aims to equip you to begin this ministry and to go on learning.

Who is it for?

  • Those exploring ideas for fresh expressions of church;
  • Experienced pioneers who want to reflect on what they are doing;
  • Christians who want their churches to be more effective in mission;
  • All denominations, traditions and ages;
  • Urban, suburban and rural contexts;

What will you learn?

  • How to begin, sustain and grow a fresh expression of church;
  • Qualities of Christian ministry;
  • Listening to God in your own context;

Features of the course

  • Designed for busy Christians;
  • Delivered ecumenically;
  • Local and national teachers;
  • Reflection on your  context and story;
  • Varied learning styles and resources;
  • Coaching,  mentoring learning networks;
  • Immediate application to your own context
  • An online guide to fresh expressions

 The  mission shaped ministry course in Essex and East London is currently running at  St Margaret's Church  Stanford Le Hope  Essex.  Details on future courses   at,   

National Commendations

“The next big step in taking fresh expressions of church forward is making the right kind of training available in every part of the country. The Mission Shaped Ministry course looks set to make a major contribution here and I’m delighted to commend it.” -

- Archbishop Rowan Williams

“Everybody who did the course was very enthusiastic and it opened up minds to new ways of working.” Chris Lilly

- Anglican Area Dean

“The course came at just the right time for me and now we are about to launch a mobile church with a bus working in local communities.” Ian Brown

- Methodist Minister

“The greatest benefit of the course is its practical side and the chance to talk through issues relevant to your situation.” Leanne Corlett

- Methodist Youth Enabler

“Mission Shaped Ministry is ideal for all those wanting to embrace new ways of being church in a practical way and vital for those already engaged in fresh expressions.”

- Diane Louise Jordan - Presenter, Songs of Praise

“I wholeheartedly recommend this course to all churches in the UK as we seek to work together for the further establishment of God’s Kingdom. The course is designed to equip all God’s people for the task of establishing authentic and effective Church for this and future generations.” Stuart Bell

- Leader ‘Ground Level Network’

For more information please contact Charlie Kosla
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