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Hallowe’en has become firmly fixed in the annual calendar and has deep and ancient pre-Christian roots. Like many of these festivals it was adopted and adapted by the church as of the eve ‘All Saints’ or ‘All Hallows Day’ hence Hallowe’en. All Hallows remembers all of the people who have served God.  

Lots of the associated customs come from these origins: carving turnips (pumpkins), sharing food and drink, dressing up, and mischief or misrule. Trick or Treating might have origins in soul cakes where people prayed for other households and those who had died and were given a ‘soul cake’ for their prayers.  

Many churches have embraced this season in the form of light parties or giving away gifts of sweets and carving a pumpkin with a cross or heart has become popular more recently.  

2020 will be different for many as we follow government guidelines and ensure we are COVID-safe



Resources for for churches, families and schools

We have gathered together some ideas to help for churches, families and schools to connect, create and reflect with this festival. 

Hallowe'en: some ides for all people all places

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