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How do questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage fit within the bigger picture of the good news of Jesus Christ?  What does it mean to live in love and faith together as a Church? 

Living in Love and Faith is the Church of England’s national conversation on human identity – a three-year project that invites people to engage in open, honest discussion: to learn together, listen to one another and listen to God to help discern a way forward for the Church of England in relation to questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage – topics which sometimes bring about deep and painful disagreements. 

To help facilitate and give these discussions a framework, the Church has produced a range of learning resources which explore these matters by studying what the Bible, theology, history and the social and biological sciences have to say, and by telling the real-life stories of followers of Christ with diverse experiences and convictions.

Great importance is placed on helping to create braver and safer spaces for these conversations to take place where people are treated with grace and where all voices are respected and heard.

Part of the national process is to gather feedback from groups who have used the learning resources to inform the wider Church as it looks to discern a way forward.  This feedback needs to be gathered by April 2022.

The Chelmsford LLF team is available to support you in your conversations.  We are based in the three Episcopal Areas and are able to help and advise leaders on using the learning material.  If you feel you need help on the ground running sessions, we can also put you in touch with facilitators. 

Our hope and prayer is that groups right across the diocese will use these resources to help them engage with these topics and inform our shared life as a church.

God, whose name is Love,
whose gift is life,
whose word holds all in being;
bless ‘Living in Love and Faith’ to your church
as we seek to grow together
into the truth of our humanity and longings,
into communities where all find welcome,
into the fullness that is your image in us;
through the Word made flesh,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Chelmsford LLF Team

Please contact us to let us know that you are running an LLF course or if you need help or advice.

Barking Area

The Rev’d Chris Wragg –

Piers Northam –

Bradwell Area

The Rev’d Susan Iskander –

Colchester Area

The Rev’d Beverley Vincent –


More about Living in Love and Faith

You can find out more about LLF on the Church of England website.


You will find all of the LLF resources on the LLF Learning Hub :

  • the Course - a five-session video course to support small groups
  • the LLF Book
  • Podcastswith discussions on LLF themes from the Book
  • Story Filmspeople living in Love and Faith in their own words
  • Libraryan extensive library of books, essays and articles
  • The Pastoral Principlesprinciples for living and learning well together

The LLF book brings together biblical, theological, historical and scientific perspectives to questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.  Commissioned and commended by the Bishops of the Church of England, its production has involved many people across the Church and beyond who bring great diversity and depth of expertise, conviction and lived experience to these matters.


An important part of the process is to share your learning and experience.  The Bishops of the Church of England are committed to listening to your learning together as part of their discernment about a way forward for the Church.

You can provide feedback via the LLF Learning Hub.  Feedback is anonymous but you will need to use the Chelmsford Diocese Code – LWC07CD.

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