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Confirmation is the preparation for a life-long journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

Confirmation is the preparation for a life-long journey of faith in Jesus Christ..

As a candidate for Confirmation you will be ‘ready with your own mouth and from your own heart to affirm your faith in Jesus Christ’. This is a whole Church community affair with the whole family being invited to share in the candidate’s decision, by promising to welcome ‘and uphold them in their life in Christ’.

A Confirmation candidate's testimony

Zawahir Qammar, from St Andrew’s Church in Ilford, was Confirmed by Bishop Stephen Cottrell on Palm Sunday 2018

Zawahir gave this moving Confirmation speech:

Confirmation for me is building a more personal and stronger relationship with God. A bond which will deepen and make me grow in wisdom and prosperity. I have always had God’s hand by my side, even when I am the lowest I have ever been, I know there is someone I can always rely on. Knowing that he is there with me through any trials and tribulations brings me comfort and peace.

"I will always have faith in you Lord Jesus. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and especially thank you for this wonderful opportunity for us to be confirmed today.

I pray that as I take this big step in life, I will learn how to prioritise you above everything else, spread your word and praise your name always.

"We are not deserving of your grace Lord Jesus, but it was your unending love for us that you died on the cross for us sinners. Father, help me to love others like you did, I want to be more Christ-like and walk with you for the rest of my life.

I open my heart for you, Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit and cleanse me of all my transgressions and just like on Palm Sunday Jesus was welcomed in Jerusalem, we gladly welcome you Lord Jesus in our hearts forever and secure our faith in your blood. Amen"

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