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We get together on the first Wednesday of each month at 1.00pm in the Library at the Diocesan Office and new members are always welcome, so do give us a call on 01245 294405 for more details or encouragement.  We provide drinks and cake and biscuits and there is a small prize draw for everyone who has bought the current month’s book title. Every month we have a new book on a spiritual theme often suggested by members or through recommendations from our customers.

We covered a huge range of books and topics from novels, to poetry, biographies and books on Christian living. Some of the authors we have featured this year are Donna Lazenby, Marilynne Robinson,Rupert Shortt, Peter Stanford., Brian Draper and Paula Gooder.  So as you can see we cover a lot of ground and provide plenty of opportunities to read something you may not have chosen before. 

Our next meeting will be on Wedensday 5th February when are discussing Walk Humbly by Sam Wells

If you'd like to get ahead, our book for March will be New Habits by Eleanor Stewart   and in we will be looking at Saying Yes to Life our Lent book  by Ruth Valerio

We hope to see you there.  Please do call us on 01245 294405 if you have questions or need encouragement!

For more information please contact The Diocese Bookshop
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