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The Diocesan Scheme for the servicing of central heating boilers in parsonage and diocesan houses is currently managed on a two year individual contract with four contractors, covering both gas and oil fired central heating systems.

The contractors will normally make contact to make an appointment to carry out the boiler service.   Should the boiler require attention, or break down completely, then please contact the helpdesk immediately and an available contractor will be instructed to attend as soon as possible.  The contractor will carry out any emergency works required to keep the house with heating and hot water but, during normal office hours, will report to the Property Department to seek advice before carrying out any works of an extensive nature.

Boiler Changes and Improvements

The Houses Committee has decided that before any improvements or major repairs are made to central heating systems, the following points will be taken into consideration:
If the boiler or oil tank becomes defective there would be a case for replacing an oil boiler with gas, subject to availability. Each case would be considered individually.
It is not possible to deal with requests for exchange of boilers on those, say, not more than 10 years old which are in apparent good order.

If the PCC wishes to meet the full cost of changing a boiler to move from one fuel to another, this would normally be permitted, but prior approval must be obtained.

The Property Department will be pleased to advise on the most effective and economic method of running your heating and domestic hot water system. At regular intervals it is advisable to check that your boiler thermostat, room thermostat and cylinder thermostat, (where they exist)  are set to the  correct temperature levels and  that  programmers and  time  clocks are accurately adjusted.

NB: It is always wise to acquaint oneself with the position of the main water stopcock and be sure of its effectiveness. This will enable you to minimise the effects of leakage and reduce potential damage to your house structure and personal belongings.

For more information regarding boiler servicing and maintenance please refer to the Guide for Residents.

January 2014

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