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Introducing the Chelmsford Christian Leadership Programme

Developing leaders who empower, equip and lead others in a shared mission.

Why is the Programme needed?

The Leadership Programme is a resource for lay and ordained ministers with incumbent-type responsibilities in their local churches. It is of especial benefit to those who are in their first positions of such responsibility. The aim is to grow in knowledge of ourselves, our God and our context and so nurture a style of leadership that empowers and equips others.

The Three Focal Points of the Leadership Programme:

  • Knowing ourselves
  • Knowing our God 
  • Knowing our context






Image above:The icon of Christ and Abbot Menas, commonly known as ‘Jesus and His Friend’ expresses confidence in Christ’s friendship and company with those who minister in His name. 


The Clergy Leadership Programme

The programme lasts nine sessions, held approximately once a month. Seven of those sessions will last a day, meeting from 10am – 4.30pm. Two online sessions, with local leaders will be in the morning and repeated in the evening. Each session begins and ends in worship, our relationship with God being at the heart of the calling to leadership.

There will be a good mix of input from experienced practitioners, a project to carry out in the local church and mutual learning from your peers. Participants are invited to contribute to the delivery of topics on which they have expertise and the programme has space and flexibility to allow for specific needs and requests to be included in later sessions. 

The Leadership Programme is made up of

Seven meetings of the ‘learning community,’ formed by the participants on the Programme. Further details of each session may be found here

Two meetings with local leaders. Two sessions will be conducted using an online platform such as Zoom when you will be asked to invite some of your local leaders, such as churchwardens or other local ministers, to join with you. 

The parish project, which is jointly planned with your local leaders, will be some event or activity that will help others in your church or churches to acquire knowledge, skills or confidence in some ministerial activity.

Action learning groups. Building on the discussion and interaction on the days on which the learning community meet, mutual learning from peers is developed and deepened in action learning groups. Using the reflective cycle, a group of 4-6 people assist each other in describing, analysing, reflecting and planning. These groups are established at the beginning of the programme and may continue after it.

Keeping a journal. Each participant in the Programme is encouraged to keep a journal, recording what has been learned about their ministry and calling, their identity and relationship with God and proposals for future practice.



Outline Programme

Session One: Knowing God. What is Christian Leadership?

The aim and shape of the CCLP, Biblical examples of leadership,

Church leadership in models and images, Leadership in Chelmsford diocese.


Session Two: Knowing Myself.

Ourselves in God’s eyes, The Insights personality profile.


Session Three: Knowing my Context. Building a Team

Discerning others’ vocation, coaching, mentoring, supervision.


Session Four: First morning or evening meeting with local

leaders to plan parish project.


Session Five: Knowing Myself. Working others

Issues of change, decision-making and conflicts


Session Six: Knowing God. Vision, Trust, Confidence.


Session Seven: Knowing my context. Developing future



Session Eight: Second morning or evening meeting with local leaders


Session Nine: Knowing Myself. Planning for future learning.

For more information please contact Rev Dr Canon Elizabeth Jordan
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