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Coaching is a partnership offering support, encouragement, and challenge to clergy and licensed lay ministers leading churches.

Coaches are committed Christians with experience of local church life. Our coaches have considerable leadership and management experience in their own working lives; in business, with the NHS, in Christian charities and the voluntary sector, in learning development and in ministry.

Coaching conversations can offer people time and space to think about something that matters to them, in a robust and intentional way so that they can move forwards.

A coaching approach is a way of working that focuses on ‘ask’ not ‘tell’.

Coaching is future focussed. It is listening deeply.


Using coaching conversations in a time of Covid-19

Change has happened around us, almost overnight; it has been forced on us. And the transition we are trying to come to terms with is needing to discover a different way of doing things.

In the middle of all of that some of us are grappling with other family members ‘home-working’, or working on the frontline in some way, or children at home all day, or enforced physical separation from older and more vulnerable family members. And some of us are grappling with an even greater degree of isolation in ministry and in life; alongside fears, uncertainty, bewilderment, and handling technologies that may be ‘new’ to us.

During the Covid-19 emergency we want to offer additional short-term sessions to clergy and licensed lay ministers leading churches. All our current diocesan coaches are able to offer some sessions.

If you would like to access some support in thinking clearly, about making decisions, about handling new challenges or processing feelings, you can arrange between 1 and 3 sessions of telephone, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime or Zoom coaching, by filling in this form and emailing it to or by phoning 07590 929953.  The content of these conversations remains entirely confidential, and no ‘report’ will be passed on to anyone senior in the diocese.

‘Normal coaching’ still continues at this time. If you are already working with a coach the responsibility is always with you to bring to the sessions whatever you’d most need to and like to work on.  Think of it as ‘thinking space.’

The cost of up to 6 hours coaching can be applied for from your annual CMD personal grant, subject to the amount as yet unused. To apply to use your CMD grant click here to download the application form. Please complete this and email it to your Area CMD Advisers, Andy GriffithsJill Mowbray or Ian Hilton. As with all CMD grants, you will be expected to complete a feedback form after the sessions about the coaching process (the content is confidential to you).

To find out more, or to be linked with a Coach, email your Area CMD Adviser  or contact Revd Jill Mowbray or ring on 07590 929953 with an indication of the particular area you are looking to work on at this time.

Coaching involves;

  • Exploring the current situation
  • Listening to concerns
  • Thinking strategically about options and priorities
  • Goal setting, with some achievable steps
  • Reviewing progress

For more information please contact Jill Mowbray
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