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The members of Diocesan Synod are also members of the Diocesan Board of Finance which is responsible for the custody and management of the diocesan finances and the employment of all persons in receipt of salaries paid directly from those funds. The Diocesan Synod is elected every three years. 

As a company limited by guarantee the board is governed by the companies act and by its memorandum and articles of association. As a charity it is governed by the Charities Act. Diocesan Synod meets three times a year. The next meeting will be held on 23 November 2019. In 2020 meetings will be held on 21 March, 6 June and 21 November.


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Agenda and papers for the meeting on 15 June 2019


House of Laity agenda and minutes 

Minutes and attendance from previous meeting

Paper DS(2019)04

CBDF AGM agenda and minutes

Abbreviated Financial Statements

Houses and Investment Committee annual reports

CDBF Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Paper DS(2019)05

Paper DS(2019)06


Other useful documents

Previous meetings agenda and papers

Agenda and papers for the meeting on 16 March 2019


House of Laity agenda and minutes of previous meeting 

Minutes and attendance from November 2018

Paper DS(2019)01

Paper DS(2019)02

Agenda and papers for the meeting on 17 November 2018


Meeting of House of Clergy

Meeting of House of Laity

Agenda CDBF meeting

Minutes of previous CDBF meeting

CDBF item 4 - Paper CDBF(2018)02 and draft Articles of Association 

Minutes and attendance from June 2018

Paper DS(2018)08

Paper DS(2018)09

Agenda and papers for the meeting on 16 June 2018


Minutes and attendance from March 2018

Paper DS(2018)04 

Paper DS(2018)05

DBF AGM agenda

2017 DBF AGM minutes 

Summarised Financial statements

Full Annual Report and Accounts

Paper DBF(2018)01

Paper DS(2018)06

Paper DS(2018)07


Agenda and papers for the Synod meeting of 17 March 2018


Minutes and attendance from 18 November 2017

Paper DS(2018)01

Paper DS(2018)02

Paper DS(2018)03

Amending Canon No 36

Amending Canon No. 37


Agenda and papers for 18 November 2017


Minutes and attendance for 17 June 2017

Paper DS(2017)07 - Setting God's People Free - report

Paper DS(2017)08 - Draft statement of case

Paper DS(2017)09

Paper DS(2017)10

GDPR slides


Agenda and papers for 17 June 2017


Minutes and attendance for 11 March 2017

DBF agenda and minutes

Abbreviated Financial Statements

Statutory Reports and Accounts

Paper DS(2017)04 – 2017 Budget

Paper DS(2017)05 – Safeguarding – cover paper and policy statement

Paper DS(2017)06 - Bishop's Council and Finance Committee reports


Agenda and papers for 11 March 2017


Minutes and attendance for 12 November 2016

Paper DS(2017)01 - Diocesan Youth Strategy

Paper DS(2017)02 - Bishop's Council and Finance Committee reports

Paper DS(2017)03 - Annual Briefing 

Agenda and Papers for 12 November 2016 meeting


Minutes and attendance for the 18 June 2016 meeting

DS(2016)10 - Vocations 

Parish Giving Scheme flyer

DS(2016)11 - Diocesan Refugee Group Update

DS(2016)12 - Financial Update and Feedback from the Budget Consultation 

DS(2016)13 - 2017 Deanery Synod election formula

DS(2016)14 - Bishop's Council and Finance Committee reports 


Agenda and papers for 18 June 2016 meeting



Minutes and attendance for 12 March 2016 meeting

DS(2016)4 - New Housing Areas and Strategic Mission Priority Areas 

DBF AGM - agenda and minutesFinance Committee reportSOFA part oneSOFA part twoAudit Report

2015 Annual Accounts and Trustees' Report 

DS(2016)5 - 2017 Budget

House of Laity - agenda and minutes

DS(2016)6 - Social Responsibility: Citizens UK

DS(2016)7 - National Safegaurding Policy and Practice Guidance 

DS(2016)8 - Anglican Communion Covenant motion - withdrawal 

DS(2016)9 - BC, DMPC, FC reports  


Agenda and papers for 12 March 2016 meeting


Minutes and Attendance for 14 November 2015 meeting 

DS(2016)1 - Share Scheme report 

DS(2016)2 - Academy Strategy and Church School performance 

DS(2016)3 - BC, DMPC and FC report

Annual Briefing for Parishes - financial year 2015

Text for Amending Canon No.34 and Instrument of Enactment 


Agenda and papers for 14 November 2015 meeting


House of Clergy agenda and minutes

House of Laity agenda and minutes 

Minutes and attendance from 6 June 2015 meeting

DS(15)8 - Draft Transforming Presence document 

DS(15)9 - Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns (CMEAC)

DS(15)10 - BC, DMPC and FC report

DBF - agenda and minutes

DS(15)11 -Budget for 2016

DS(15)12 - Promulgation of Amending Canon No.35 and Act of Convocation Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy

Full text of Amending Canon No. 35

Full text of Act of Convocation 


Agenda and papers for the meeting on 6 June 2015


Minutes and attendance from 14 November 2014

DS(15)1 - National Reform & Renewal workstreams 

DS(15)2 - Annual Report to Diocesan Synod 2014 - full report

DS(15)3 - BC, DMPC and FC report

DS(15)4 - Schemes for Deanery Synod lay representation of Bishop's Mission Orders

DS(15)5 - Promulgation of Amending Canons 32 and 33 - full text of Amending Canon 32, full text of Amending Canon 33

DBF AGM - AgendaMinutesFinance Committee reportSOFA part one, SOFA part two, Audit ReportHouses Committee and Investment Committee report

DS(15)6 - Budget 2016

DS(15)7 - Share Scheme Review - Interim Report

Slides from June Synod 

Reform and Renewal video



Archive of Synod Papers

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