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Elections to the Chelmsford Diocesan Synod have now concluded. Congratulations to all who have been elected to serve the Diocese on Synod for the next three years.

With the Diocesan Synod elections concluded, elections to the following committees have begun:

  • Bishop's Council
  • Diocesan Board of Education
  • Area Mission and Pastoral Committees
  • Vacancy in See Committee
  • Houses Committee
  • Diocesan Board of Patronage

Nomination forms for these committees have been circulated to the members of Diocesan Synod, however, with the exception of the Bishop's Council, eligibility to stand for election to these bodies is wider than the Synod membership. If you are interested and would like to find out more or request a nomination form please contact Nathan Whitehead Tel:01245 294412 or email

For more information please contact Nathan Whitehead
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