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From the Bishop of Chelmsford:

"I am delighted to commend this handbook which describes our new arrangements for Ministerial Development Review. In the past, bishops and archdeacons have seen the valuable results of MDR and made use of these in the separate Episcopal Reviews we have carried out. From now on, the two schemes will be integrated under the single title of MDR as an expression of the shared responsibility in which I and my colleagues offer a ministry of encouragement, affirmation and accountability.

The clergy of this diocese work faithfully and diligently, often in challenging circumstances, to preach the gospel and celebrate the sacraments, to care for those in need, to lead others in prayer, service and mission, and to interpret the glory and the call of God within a society which is changing rapidly. Ministry Development Reviews aim to be an empowering process to support and encourage clergy in this vital ministry.

"We all need this kind of reflection and support and it is my expectation that all clergy, including my senior colleagues, will take part in MDR.  It is my hope that as we participate in MDR, we will become more confident and more effective in our various ministries as together we seek to serve God’s purposes in this Diocese."

Of course, MDR is only one aspect of the relationship of mutual care and support that bishops and archdeacons offer.  Please continue to contact us direct whenever necessary – there is no need to wait until the time of your next review!"

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Ministry Development Review (MDR)

The Handbook and forms below contain all the information you need to complete your MDR review. When completing the forms you may wish to either;

  • Photocopy the forms from the Handbook and write by hand your notes and responses
  • Download the forms and complete them electronically.

In order to facilitate this you may download these forms as a Word document. Please note: These forms differ slightly in appearance from those in the MDR Handbook, making it easier for you to type your responses. When completing the forms electronically, please type in the boxes under each of the prompts. The boxes will increase in size as you continue typing.

When you have completed your MDR, if a change in your Role Description is needed, you can download the blank form and template and guidance notes below.

Role Description Forms

Role Description blank form

Role Description template

MDR Booklet

MDR Handbook

MDR Forms

My Context

MDR Preparation Form

Aspects of Ministry

MDR Review Summary with Priorities & CMD Requirements

Senior Staff Review

MDR External Perspective

MDR Review and Reviewer Evaluation Form (to be completed by Reviewee)

Reviewer Self Evaluation Form


  • The MDR Process with a Reviewer (overview)
  • Appendix 1  - The Ordinal
  • Appendix 2 – notes for use when preparing for your Ministerial Development Review. The breadth of ministerial responsibility and work are detailed and this review invites your thinking and response. The headings lead you to reflect on your strengths as a priest and the areas for development over the coming years. 
  • Appendix 3 – A summary of vision statements and priorities. The church’s ministry is in response to God’s mission to the world. This mission-focus is affirmed in the Diocesan Vision Statement, the Five Marks of Mission and Transforming Presence. As you reflect on these statements and priorities, consider the extent to which each are reflected in your personal ministry and the ministry of the church where you serve.
  • Appendix 4 – questions to help you formulate draft objectives for the coming year. Prior to your review discussion, use this form to formulate draft objectives for the coming year
  • Appendix 5 – links between MDR and CMD. The priorities that you will agree for your ministry at the end of your Ministry Development Review, both for your personal development and those focused on the context of your ministry, will be recorded on a summary sheet.  These may reveal a need for further training or study.
  • Appendix 6 - External Perspective for Ministry Development Review

Enquiries about the scheme not answered by the Handbook may be directed to Revd Jill Mowbray

For more information please contact Diane Hardy
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