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Coronavirus Guidance

This page contains detailed guidance to support parishes through the coronavirus pandemic.

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Log of recent updates

This log lists the most recent changes to this page so you can see what has been added or updated recently.

1 September - Church of England guidance document updated with new introduction and situation brief to reflect changes to the Covid-19 situation over the summer

19 July 2021 - Guidance for Step 3 removed from web page and additional Government guidance added

16 July 2021 - Church of England guidance for Step 4 of the Government Roadmap published in News



Friday 16 July 2021- Church of England guidance for Step 4 published

The Church of England has published guidance for Step 4 of the Government Roadmap. The guidance can be read here.

The Diocesan Communications Group shared the guidance with clergy, church wardens, lay ministers, lay chairs and members of the diocesan synod in the following email that was sent on Friday 16 July:


Dear colleague

The Church of England has today published guidance for churches relating to step 4 of the Government’s Roadmap.

The guidance reflects a move away from legal restrictions and focuses on equipping churches with information to make the best decision for their own context; enabling us to go further in opening our church buildings for worship and other activities while safely managing risks.

We understand that many will feel anxious about taking difficult decisions that could impact on people’s safety, whilst at the same time wanting to reintroduce many of the precious and important elements of our church life that we have missed so much over the last eighteen months.

As we undertake risk assessments in our churches it is important that we remember five things:

  1. There is no rush or requirement to change our practices immediately. Church leaders will need time to work through concerns and ensure that they are taking the right decisions at the right time for their context.
  2. While many of us are understandably eager to lift restrictions, it’s important that we consider the implications for those who are vulnerable and anxious; for their safety and because they may feel unable to continue participating in worship or church activity where restrictions are lifted too quickly. In particular we encourage you to follow the Government’s guidance that encourages the wearing of face masks in crowded and enclosed settings and encourages appropriate social distancing.
  3. Church leaders should not feel under pressure to lift restrictions or change practices where they don’t think it is safe to do so or indeed where they feel it will undermine the church’s mission as an open, welcoming and caring environment for all in our community, especially the most vulnerable.
  4. Clergy and church leaders who are clinically vulnerable should not do anything that puts their own health at risk.
  5. Government data suggests there are likely to be considerable spikes in Covid cases in the coming weeks and months. Churches may decide that they need to change their own practices again if their local area is particularly affected.

Finally we recognise that whilst some will welcome the move away from rules and restrictions to more autonomous decision making, others will find it challenging and difficult. As is always the case when new guidance is published, there will be questions and uncertainties about its application. We will remain in touch over the coming weeks to provide further clarity where general issues are identified. If you have questions relating to your own situation, please speak with your Area Dean in the first instance who will then speak with your Archdeacon where necessary. As we approach the summer holidays, people will be on leave at some stages. If you are unable to speak with your Area Dean or Archdeacon, please contact one of your neighbouring Archdeacons for advice. You can find their contact details here.

Yours in Christ

The Diocesan Communications Group



Guidance for Step 4 of the Government Roadmap


Church of England guidance:

The Church of England Coronavirus Guidance web page also contains guidance on:

  • Vaccines
  • Accessing Covid-19 tests
  • Copyright for live streaming worship
  • Mental health support
  • PCCs and APCMs


Government guidance

The following Government guidance has been updated for Step 4:

For more information please contact The Diocese Communications team
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