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These pages are here to help you move your thoughts from Inception to Completion...they are here to help you realise your dream, be it to get through the 'system' in terms of a building project, or to give you ideas as to where to start raising much needed money.

There are a lot of external links to other websites (which we can not be held responsible for but do thank others for their hard work in compiling them);  we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are trying to guide you to the places that may help.

This section is broken into a number of different areas, but inevitably, they do intertwine with each other.

We welcome feedback and indeed, let us know of any other infromative, useful or worthwhile online resources that we can highlight here. 

There are a whole range of resources available for those caring, maintaining, adapting or altering and making the most of church buildings. 

We have compiled these under the five headings below.  Links to a number of other diocesan websites are provided as these also offer a vast range of advice and resources which may prove very helpful.

Building Projects


Making Better Use of Spaces including hiring to other Organisations


Energy Saving Advice for Buildings

Create a Friends Scheme

Parish Giving Scheme

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The following are recent DBF intiatives which could be of interest to you...

Really useful resources from Other Dioceses:

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