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With ever increasing energy prices and an increasing awareness of the effects of our actions on the environment our building need to be as ‘efficient’ as possible.

The websites listed below offer a range of advice in energy saving, such as doing church cleaning during the day rather than in the evening to save on lighting and heating costs, to possible green energy projects including solar panel installations.

The EcoCongregation website is an excellent resource, and is something the whole church can get involved in, not just simply those who manage the building.

  • EcoCongregation; worth making your first port of call, has a whole host of information and links to other sites. 
  • Shrinking the Footprint is the C of E’s own website offering advice & support. 
  • ‘Green Finance’ is a ‘module’ within the EcoGeneration site and deals with the “Management of financial, catering and purchasing matters for finance/fabric committees, with creation care and environment in mind. This module works through how to live lightly on the Earth with our church buildings”.
  • Sunday is an Australian site that has some helpful hints for energy saving. 
  • More geared towards domestic & commercial settings, but again some helpful information may be gleaned from the Green Vision Energy website. 
  • 8 Hints for energy saving.
  • Church Energy SavingsConsortium Ltd is a company that is “able to assist in obtaining beneficial contract rates for gas and electricity” for churches and property management companies. Is specifically aimed at churches and faith organisations. 
  •  A wealth of information including products, advice, consultation and grants is availiable from The Renewable Energy Centre.

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