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There are a huge number of grant making bodies and many, many trusts that have been set up to finance all manner of projects.  The documents below list a number of these and are downloadable for you to search.

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Find out more about the Rural Development Program for England: LEADER funding:


The Heritage Lottery Fund

There are four potential grants available to parishes:

Grants for Places of Worship

This is mainly for urgent structural work on churches e.g. leaky roofs, cracks etc. but also for funding new kitchenettes, new toilets, lighting etc. up to £250k. The application process can take up to 2 years before work is carried out. An initial application is submitted, and a response given 3 months later. If successful, it goes into the Development Phase  which is 12 months. Then there is a second application round, lasting a further 3 months. The deadlines are quarterly and the next one is 22nd August.

There must be an element of learning about Heritage involved in the project as well, for example activities for the community and is mainly for listed places of worship.

Our Heritage

This is for funding for clocks, bells, church organs from £10-£100k. There is an 8 week assessment process and they would expect a programme of learning activities to be run alongside the project, such as activities with local schools, bell ringing classes etc. to help people learn about Heritage. There are no deadlines for this grant so we can apply at any time.

Heritage Grants

This grant is for Capital Redevelopment Projects over £100k and has a two round application process, similar to the Grants for Places of Worship process.

Sharing Heritage

This is for very small projects from £3000-£10,000.

Further Information

  • Projects involving any kind of demolition will not be accepted, and projects involving listed buildings will get priority over new builds. Their focus is on conserving and repairing.
  • All projects must include some form of heritage learning and engagement and must demonstrate how the heritage of the building is significant to the local community.
  • There is guidance on the website and we can send an initial enquiry. They will advise on areas such as faculty permissions and costings.
  • The PCC must gather the information and the application must be submitted by the PCC. The CDBF cannot submit an application on their behalf.
  • No help is given after the initial application and nothing further can be added to the application once it has been submitted, until we are contacted after the initial 3 months.
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund will look at the last quinquennial report to see if any work is urgent.
  • 30-40% of applications are successful and you can reapply if unsuccessful the first time.
  • Vicarages are not eligible as they are private dwellings.
  • For those grants with deadlines, the deadlines are August, October, March and June
  • Further information is on the website. Regional offices for Chelmsford Diocese would be Cambridge, or for the London parishes, the London office.
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund rarely make visits to the sites.
  • There are workshops for PCC members twice a year about how to apply, and the HLF will go through the process in detail. There are also one to one sessions twice a month in the Cambridge office. Details can be found under the ‘In Your Area’ section of the website.

Other Funding Bodies of Interest

Landfill Communities Fund

Big Lottery Fund

Grantscape UK

Biffa Awards

Roof Repair Fund UK

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