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Liturgy and Prayers

Bible reading- John 20, 1-18

Live Streams and Video Broadcasts

7.45am Morning Prayer, Chelmsford Cathedral, live on Facebook

9am An Easter Sunday Service with the Archbishop of Canterbury link to follow

10am  Sing Resurrection- a Churches Together in Britain and Ireland initiative whereby people are invited to sing hymns in their garden, on their doorstep or similar- click here for further information

10.30am Eucharist, Chelmsford Cathedral, live on Facebook

3.30pm  A farewell service for Bishop Stephen  watch on Chelmsford Diocese Facebook or Chelmsford Diocese Youtube

5.15pm Evening Prayer, Chelmsford Cathedral, live on Facebook

Listen and Watch 

Worship Podcast: Easter Sunday by Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford


Video- An Easter Sunday Reflection, Rt Rev Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester


Video- Easter Sunday Service with Rev Janet Nichols, Rural Advisor and Agrigultural Chaplain for Chelmsford Diocese


Video- God's Wonderful Surprise, The Jesus Story Book Bible


Video- Resurrection by Rev Caroline Beckett (featured art by Turvey Abbey)


Song- He Has Risen by Noel Richards


Bishop Stephen's Easter message 2020; Departures and Arrivals 


A Visual Table Display by Emma Anderton

On Palm Sunday we asked you to collect leaves from the garden, or make leaves from green paper to place them on the tray in the centre of your prayer space.

Today, if you have some Easter eggs, then add them to the tray or an egg cup with some sweet smelling spices.



Easter Egg Hunt- Emma Anderton

Go on an Easter egg hunt in the house or garden. You could each have two or three eggs to hide for other members of your family.


Holy Week Window Gallery by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a Window Gallery. Find out more here.

Yesterday we made a tomb.

Here's what you might make to put in your gallery today:

Roll the stone away from the entrance to the tomb, and fill it with bright colours. Use tissue paper for an extra bright effect. Add bright colours and pictures of flowers to the cross to show Jesus’ victory over death and the tomb.


Holy Week Table Display by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a table display using advent candles or tea lights on a tray. Find out more here. Here's what you can do today:

Light all five candles, to the accompaniment of ringing bells and jangly clusters of keys! Fill the tray with flowers if you have access to the outside (the flowers can be the flowers of ‘weeds’, dandelions and daisies are fresh and beautiful- just make sure you leave plenty for the bees), or flowers you’ve made from paper if you’re stuck inside. Tell the story of the women coming to the garden, early in the morning, and finding Jesus, not dead in the tomb as they’d been expecting, but alive! Maybe you can sing an Easter song or hymn together, at the top of your voice. It doesn’t matter how well you can sing- this isn’t a performance, it’s worship.


Baking our way through Holy Week with Rachel Summers

On an ordinary Easter day you might not really have much time for baking. You’d be going to church, maybe visiting your family, perhaps going for a long walk to look for signs of spring in the countryside. This Easter isn’t going to look like any Easter you’ve celebrated before; but at least this year you’ll have time to bake.

And you may have managed to buy chocolate eggs and if so, enjoy them! This recipe is something quite different, and is, in fact, a chocolate free zone. You’ll need marshmallows, a tin of ready made croissant mix, melted butter, a bowl of sugar and cinnamon, and a bun tin. If you can’t find croissant mix, I reckon you can get away with making some bog standard shortcrust pastry.

  • Pick up a marshmallow. This symobilises the body of Jesus, taken down from the cross on Good Friday. Dip the marshmallow in the melted butter and the cinnamon and sugar. This is what normally happened to a body before it was buried- it was anointed with sweet smelling spices and oils as a mark of respect, but this didn’t happen with Jesus, his burial was all in too much of a rush before sundown at the start of Sabbath. This is what the women, arriving early in the morning, were planning to do, a couple of days late. Wrap the marshmallow up inside a triangle of croissant mix, making sure there aren’t any holes, and dip this dough ball in melted butter and the cinnamon and sugar mix. This is like the body being wrapped in graveclothes. Pop it in a hole in the bun tin, and bake them all in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes. The oven is like the tomb.
  • When you open the oven again, give the buns a few minutes to cool slightly, then eat them hot. As you break them open, discover what has happened to the body inside! It is gone! Just like the women arriving early to anoint Jesus’s body, who discovered that instead of a body resting in a tomb, there was an empty space, angels, and Jesus, very much alive.

I’m imagining you eating your Easter treats on a splendid spring day, with birdsong coming in through your window, and flowers on your table. I’m hoping you’ll have some glorious Easter music blasting through your speakers, and between bites you’ll be singing along, full of resurrection joy in your heart.





Look at your words of praise for Jesus from Palm Sunday. Now we have even more to celebrate and praise God for. Add to your words of praise or make another poster.




Resources for each day

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