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Thomas Tallis at Waltham Abbey Church

Thomas Tallis at Waltham Abbey Church
Location The Abbey Church, Church Street
Waltham Abbey
Date Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Duration   1 hours, 30 minutes
Contact Name Hannah Leonard
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A portrait in words and music of the life of one of Britains's most successful composers set against the tumultuous political backdrop of the reformation. Very little is known about Thomas Tallis the man. Looking back over the Tudor monarchs who reigned during his life, it is clear this 16th-century English composer lived through chaotic and violent times. But was his apparent willingness to shape his sacred music to the religious whims of each successive king and queen the sign of political cunning? Or was it, rather, the result of a devout and committed quest for peace? In this vividly imagined play, we follow the contrasting fates of Tallis and a young priest from their beginnings in Waltham Abbey Church, through the dissolution of the monasteries into Mary's bloody reign, via encounters with a young Elizabeth and the mysterious Dr Dee, to their dramatic conclusion. With creativity, duty and morality all at odds, he must find a way to continue to compose. Jessica Swale's critically acclaimed drama Thomas Tallis was the first new play commissioned for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Shattered Windscreen's production, first performed at the Company of Players in Hertford, brings Tallis's music and story back to its main location, where Tallis was organist until the dissolution. Free parking is available from 6pm at nearby Cornmill car park (EN9 1RB).

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