Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

A Christian Church is a local community where everyone is welcome. It is a community where people meet together, and find friendships and a fresh sense of meaning and purpose. 

They experience the goodness and vitality of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

A Church for Everyone

All Christian churches try to help people to live in a relationship with God - loving him and being loved by him through Jesus and doing the same for other people. 

Christian churches take many different forms but each one aims to be a spiritual and practical community of people seeking to know and serve God and other people through trusting, suportive and hopeful relationships. 

These relationships are founded on two basic principles:

the love of God and the love (or care and concern) for other people.

A church extends beyond the confines of a building and embraces wider geographical communities and social networks. 

So what does it mean to be a Christian?

Christians are people who live in relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Christians know God as:

  • The Father. God is the loving creator, always caring for his creation and for everyone.
  • Jesus Christ, his Son. Jesus frees people to live for ever in love, trust and hope without being overwhelmed by the fear of death and by anxieties and false securities.
  • The Holy Spirit who communicates the good news of the Father and Son and transforms people’s lives.

Christians are active in serving the wider community in all kinds of ways.

Introducing the Church of England 

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