Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

The revelation of God's self, God's name, God's purpose first happens to Moses at the burning bush and reaches its fulfilment in the revelation of his Son, Jesus Christ."

Watch Stephen Cottrell, the former Bishop of Chelmsford, talking about the most familiar Bible story, the story of Christmas, told backwards.

Wherever and however the Bible is read, people find it to be the word of God."

In a remarkable way, all the books in the Bible contribute to the same overall story and message.

Although written at different times by a number of authors, each book contributes its own perspective to the others. Together they build a complete picture of God's holiness and love, our human rebellion against him, and his wonderful plan to rescue us from sin and death and to restore us to eternal life."

From The Bible Guide by Andrew Knowles, published by Lion Publishing and used by permission.

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