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God's greatest longing is that we should get to know him, come to love him, enjoy his company. And when we talk to God or listen to him, heart to heart, this is prayer.

All human beings have a spiritual side... Whenever the human heart longs for beauty, longs for truth, whenever there is that restlessness, that actually is the beginning of prayer."

We are all of us closer to praying than we sometimes realise. At key moments and problem-times of life, we easily begin to pray. God loves us. His motive in making us was love.


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Prayer is a spiritual activity, and God has given his Holy Spirit to help us to pray."

So rather than struggling to do something that goes against the grain, we need to let him take us up into prayer. We would have little hope of praying the Jesus way were it not for God’s gift to us of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer needs to be part of our ordinary human life. As everything we are and do becomes open to God, all that is deepest in us can be turned into prayer.

When we put God first in our lives, start to blurt out our thanks to him for this goodness and come clean with him about our problems; then we’re not just about to discover prayer – we’re already praying."

From Discovering Prayer by Andrew Knowles, published by Lion Publishing and used by permission.

Main image: The Chelmsford Holding Cross.

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