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Meet Canon Philip Need

Revd Canon Philip Need is our Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO).

The role of DDO is to listen to people who are sensing that God may be prompting them to explore a vocation as a priest. The DDO is attentive to the story of the individual’s life and faith as a whole.  A process of discernment helps the DDO decide whether to recommend to the Bishop that the person should be sent to a Bishop's Advisory Panel, who test the candidate's calling within the framework set by the Church of England and then recommend to their Bishop if they should be trained for Ordained Ministry.


Philip says:

My work as DDO sees people constantly making connections between their faith and wanting to offer themselves to God. There are so many ways now in which we can serve him as faithful members of the Church and we are trying to make it possible for people to answer their sense of calling in new and exciting ways.

If you have even a slight flicker of the idea that God might be calling YOU to ordination, speak to your local clergy."

To contact Philip email or telephone 01245 294422

Philip works with two Assistant DDOs -

Hilary Le Seve Tel: 01621 892867


Main picture: An Ordination Day at Chelmsford Cathedral 

Vocations Days 2018

Vocations Days are an opportunity to consider God’s call and find out more about the different types of ordained and licensed lay ministry from Church leaders. If you sense the slightest call to discover more about ministries in the Church of England, come along to one of our Vocations Days this year.

Bradwell Vocation Day at St Nicholas, Canvey Island Saturday 10 March. 

Colchester Archdeaconry Vocation Day at St Andrew, Arlesford Saturday 12 May

West Ham Archdeaconry Vocation Day Christ Church, Wanstead Saturday19 May

Barking Archdeaconry Vocation Day at St Nicholas Church, Elm Park, Saturday 2 June,  09.30 -  15.30

Harlow Arcdeaconry Vocation Day at St Paul, Harlow Saturday 9 June

Stansted Archdeaconry Vocation Day at St Paul, Braintree  Saturday 10 November

For more information about the Vocations Days please contact the relevant  Area Bishops' PA. 

Feel you are being called to a role in the Church?

If you feel that God is calling you to a role in the Church, there are many different opportunities to be of service. Different roles in the Church are called Ministries. 

You are very welcome to visit our 'Finding your ministry' page and to contact one of our Vocation Advisers

You can also discover more about the various Ministries on our Ministers - Lay and Ordained page.

Find out about the rainbow nation that is the Church of England and your place within it - click here

Discover more about Ministry at the Church of England website.

Remember to speak to your local clergy. Visit our online directory.

Young Vocations

Our Youth Advisors are available to help young people who are interested in exploring a Vocation. Please contact -

Mark Tiddy Youth Advisor for Bradwell Episcopal Area Tel: 07845 349542

Hannah Phillips Youth Adviser for Barking Episcopal Area Tel: 07973 769359

Why are more people offering themselves for Ordination and other Ministries?

Watch Philip share his reflections on the growth in numbers of those offering for Ordination and other Ministries on YouTube.

PICTURE: Stephen Cottrell - Bishop of Chelmsford, Vanessa Herrick – Archdeacon of Harlow, Chris Dalliston – Dean of Newcastle, Peter Hill – Bishop of Barking, Robert Martin – Retired Bishop of Marsabit, Matt Simpkins – Chaplain to the Bishop of Chelmsford and Philip Need - Diocesan Director of Ordinands with our 31 Ordinands at our Retreat House in Pleshey on the eve of their Ordination at Chelmsford Cathedral on 29 September 2017.


Chelmsford - Jackie Thornton, Suzy Edmundson, Ian Fuller and Diane Garfield

Colchester - Hazel Greenland, Christine Newmarch, Terry Walker, Laura Garnham and Vivien Whitfield

Stansted - Claire Robertson, Rachel Prior, John Saxon, Mark Payne, Philip Howlett, Paul Grover and Janet Parker

Barking - Saffron Ryan, Dan Barnes- Davies and Chika Nduku

West Ham - Lee Taylor, Sarah Clarke-Moisley, Sue Diplock, Polly Kersys-Hull, Adam Childs, Pat Wallson


For more information please contact Lois Rimmer
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