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We encourage our church members to take advantage of a course called “Your SHAPE for God’s Service”. Discover how God may be calling you into one of many different forms of Ministry.

Your SHAPE for God’s Service aims to enable church members to understand the unique SHAPE God has made them, the gifts he has given them and how he might want to use them. This is so that God’s Kingdom may be built up as each person finds the ministry to which God is calling them in the Church and in the world.

Hopefully this will enable participants to live and serve with more joy, satisfaction and fruitfulness. This should build a healthy growing church, and will affect the way each person engages with their family, friends, job, local community, and voluntary / leisure activities.


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Why is this course called SHAPE?

The sessions involve looking at your:

  • Spiritual Gifts  - God’s unique gifts to you.
  • Heart’s Desire - What motivates and excites you; what you love to do).
  • Abilities - Your talents, knowledge and skills.
  • Personality - Your character, personal qualities and strengths.
  • Experience - Your life experiences and what you’ve gained from them.

Your SHAPE for God’s Service is most effective when used regularly as part of a church’s long term strategy, though it can be used as a one off with small groups of interested people.

Ideally, the strategy would be to encourage most of the congregation to do the SHAPE course before too long (e.g. over a period of 2 years, though this depends on how many leaders you have available and how large the congregation is). After this, it should be run regularly to draw in recent church members, newly confirmed adults etc. It consists of six 2-hour sessions.

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