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Every Christian has a vocation. No matter who you are, no matter where you are coming from, each one of us is made in the image of God. Made on purpose and for a purpose. All are called.

Therefore, we must challenge ourselves to see all people as God sees them – individual, exceptional and full of potential.

To release the gifts of all God’s people, it is vital to talk about vocation with people from groups which have historically been excluded, people who may be different to yourself. Ethnic Minorities, Young People and those from a particular social class are sometimes, perhaps unconsciously, excluded from vocations – especially ordained vocations conversations.

Thus, The Great Vocations Conversation challenges us all (ordained/lay ministers and every Christian) to intentionally commit to having at least one conversation a month, about vocation with someone different from ourselves.

The great Vocations Conversation challenge

To sign up to the challenge, you must choose one or more of the following: 

  • Become Host Parish for Ministry Experience Scheme MES (coming soon)
  • Lead a Vocations Course (coming soon)
  • Contribute to our Vocations Blog/Devotionals (coming soon)
  • "Discover Your Vocation Sunday" (this is by way of an invitation to the Diocesan Vocations Enabler to preach in your Parish or Deanery Chapter.)
  • Create a page on your parish/school website with vocation information highlighted "Become a Priest" and link it to the diocesan vocations page.
  • Host an Altar Server Appreciation Night and ask one of the priests to speak to the servers.
  • Encourage members of your congregation to invite you the clergy or the lay minister to supper at their home to discuss vocations around the family dinner table.
  • Sign up to our Vocations Mailing List and add the link to your parish website. 
  • Sign up to National Church's Mentor Directory (in support of growing Minority Ethnic Vocations)
  • Invite an ordinand or a newly ordained clergy to preach in your church: Ordinands and new clergy are especially well placed to inspire, just like how new Christians often make the best evangelists, Inviting them to preach around your diocese is an excellent strategy.
  • For Bishops and Archdeacons, to preach about vocation at confirmations and other events

Sign up and join the challenge

To get your church involved please email

For more information please contact Revd Tim Goodbody
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