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God is still in the business of raising young men and women as prophets and leaders in our world, especially in the Church.

Chat to us on how you can be part of this wave of change that young Priests are bringing into our world. Get in touch with your local advisor.


The calling of a Priest

  • Have you ever contemplated the idea of standing before many people to preside over the (Eucharist) Holy Communion? 
  • Have you thought of the idea of wearing a dog collar or clerical gears? 
  • Have you ever thought of being in the midst of people, helping and encouraging them in times of need and crisis as well as in the times of joy and celebration? 

Then you are already on the journey towards ordained ministry or some sort of ministry in the Church of Christ.

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Signs that God may be calling you to ordained ministry:

  • You have a persistent strong urge to be part of the priestly ministry.
  • Other people (you trust) recognise or have commended ordination to you
  • It has to be realistic, it may not be immediately apparent, but should be as time goes by
  • You have an idea of what life as an ordained clergy might entail
  • You love challenges and making a positive difference in the life of people
  • The idea may sound insane at times – but then you keep coming back to it.
  • You have a persistent urge to share your faith with others.

Watch some of our ordinands and prospective ordinands talk about their exploration of the ordained ministry. (Video)

If all these strike you as familiar signs, then it’s probably time to speak to us: 

Initially, you can speak to your Vicar/Minster in your church about ordination or other forms of ministry in the Church. 

God calls us to an active discipleship and relationship with Jesus.

We are called to be representatives of Jesus in this world and we are individually gifted to work with God and one another towards making our world a better, just and fairer place for our generation and for the future generations. 

What is your gift and in what way can it be of use to God’s business?

Some are gifted or called to:

  • A life of priesthood: a life-long vocation to serve God and God’s people and reflecting God’s love to others indiscriminately.
  • Lay Licensed Ministry such as; Lay Licensed Minister, Evangelist, Authorised Preacher, Spiritual Companion and so on.

For more, click here 

Get in touch now, lets discern together how God might be calling you to use your gifts to make our world a better place. 

Young people are showing us that they can be a powerful force to deliver the change that will heal our hurting world. Young people’s faith in Christ is already translating into increased vocation in the Church of England. Come and join this exciting revolution.

If you feel that you would like to join the movement of young people who are changing our world for the better, we have plenty of advisers and helpers (appointed by the Bishops) to listen to you, guide you and help through the journey.

To have a heart-to-heart conversation, either as a one-off or on an on-going basis, why not speak to one of our Archdeaconry Young Vocations Champions.

FAQ: Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (mostly asked by young explorers)

Our Ministry Internship: Young and Called.

Young and Called is a Ministry Experience Scheme in the Diocese of Chelmsford (Ministry Internship for 18-30s). We are currently putting together the scheme for the 2020 application and intake. We will update and widely publicise this once ready, so watch this space.

In the meantime, click here to learn more about it below: 

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What is The Ministry Experience Scheme? 

The Ministry Experience Scheme provides a wonderful opportunity to form young Christians for service in the world. It provides an opportunity for a young person to absorb into the life of a community of Christians. It cultivates in them habits of prayer, and through generous service, young adults can hear God’s call, develop their God-given talents and see how they are being called to give themselves as a gift to the church and to the world.

The Ministry Experience Scheme in Chelmsford Diocese will be partnering with All Saints Discipleship Year to deliver a robust one-year internship in Christian ministry for young people. We aim to provide an opportunity where young people 18-30 will grow in their experience of church ministry, collaborative leadership, relationship building, community engagement and an opportunity to grow in spirituality and to undertake theological studies and mentoring.

The Ministry Experience Scheme will be a welcoming and an inclusive community. We will aim to have a good gender balance, a good mix of young people from all works of life and ethnic heritage. Similar schemes in other dioceses in the Church of England are reporting growth in young people, expressing interest due to the success and the positive impact it has on participants. The one-year experience helps young people who are still exploring their vocation to get a clearer and firmer picture of where God is leading them.

“The Ministry Experience Scheme gives young people from all backgrounds, the space and time away from the pressures of modern life to test God’s calling in their lives. It offers the chance to experience practical ministry, enrich theological understanding and further personal development, all with strong on-going support from peers and supervisors.” 

For more information about The Church of England’s Ministry Experience Scheme.

Supported by the Allchurches Trust

This Scheme is attracting people from all walks of life. So far, it has an equal number of women and men taking part; and nearly one in 10 participants last year were from black, Asian minority ethnic minority backgrounds (BAME). The C of E is hoping to increase that figure to 15 per cent over the next two years.

The scheme is becoming a key component of the Church of England’s drive, through the Renewal and Reform programme, to attract more young people and more women and people from ethnic minorities into both lay and ordained roles.

Young Vocations Events

Step Forward

Is an annual day conference for those aged 18 to 30. It's organised by Cranmer Hall, the Anglican theological college in Durham, along with other northern church heads.

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Other Young Vocations Events

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