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Many local attractions, from nature reserves to historic buildings now operate a 'friends scheme'.  This allows individuals who have an interest in the place to be actively involved.  Lots of churches have set these groups up to help with anything from stewarding during opening hours to maintenance of the buildings and church yard.  The membership of this group can be open to any one within the community, not just church goers.  They can include, for example:

• People who wish to see the building there for future generations for whatever reason.
• People who want to have the church available for family occasions or have been pleased to use the services offered, for example weddings, baptisms or funerals, but do not worship regularly in that church.
• People who may not support the ministry of the church but are happy to support the upkeep of a historic and/or beautiful building. 

The main service of the Friends will be to raise money to help to support and maintain the fabric of the church.  This may include, for example:

• Various fundraising events.
• Subscriptions.
• Donations for particular appeals.
• Legacies.
• Gift Aid.

The activities of the Friends should be organised by the members. They need to be people enthusiastic and committed to the Friends and its objects. However, they may be people who do not consider themselves to be of the local church family. They may move in other circles through business, or socially, or by their interests. In this way they have access to other sections of the local community for fundraising.



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