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The Elections for lay and clergy representatives of the Diocese of Chelmsford to the General Synod for the next 5 years are underway.  

Votes have to be cast by 1pm on Wednesday, 6 October 2021.

Below in alphabetical order is a list of the candidates for each House and the election statements they submitted.

House of Clergy

  • The Reverend Dr Sara Batts-Neale
  • The Reverend Canon John Dunnett
  • The Reverend Steve Finch
  • The Reverend John Fry
  • The Reverend Stephanie Gillingham
  • The Reverend Dr Susan Lucas
  • The Reverend Sam Maginnis
  • The Reverend James McCluskey
  • The Reverend Canon Jane Richards
  • The Reverend Andrew Sachs
  • The Venerable Elizabeth Snowden
  • The Reverend Dr Anand Sodadasi
  • The Reverend Catherine Towner
  • The Reverend Brenda Wallace
  • The Reverend Mark Wallace
  • The Reverend David Wylie 

House of Clergy Statements can be found here

House of Laity

  • Mrs Gill Ball
  • Mr Richard Brown
  • Mr Philip Carnelley
  • Mr Roger Cooke
  • Mrs Katia D’Arcy-Cumber
  • Mrs Mary Durlacher
  • Mr Nigel Dyson
  • Canon Robert Hammond
  • Mrs Stephanie Harrison
  • Mr Piers Northam
  • Mrs Michelle Obende
  • Mr Andrew Podd
  • Mrs Margaret Smith
  • Mr Alexander Tanner
  • Mrs Sandra Turner
  • Miss Glynne Williams

House of Laity Statements can be found here

If you have any queries about the elections please email:

or the registry on

Watch the short animation below for more information about the Church of England’s General Synod.


The Church of England has published a web page and promotional videos, to explain the Synod election process and encourage people to stand – visit

For more information please contact Nathan Whitehead
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