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Age 50 is regarded as a good time for a health check, since conditions which indicate the need for attention may not be evident in earlier years. But you can choose to take up this offer at any time.

The Chelmsford Diocesan UK Ministry Medical Subsidy Scheme works as follows:

  1. The scheme is open to stipendiary clergy and licensed self-financing clergy in this diocese who have not yet retired.
  2. The Diocese offers a subsidy to its clergy so that they pay only £60* towards the cost of InterHealth’s high quality “UK Ministry Medical” (UKMM) – a service used by several other Dioceses.
  3. Clergy who would like to take up this offer should complete the Application Slip (download), detach and send it with a SAE to their Area Bishop for authorisation, together with a cheque for £60* made payable to “Chelmsford DBF (IH)”.
  4. On receiving the slip back, they should then contact InterHealth to make an appointment under the Diocesan Scheme, knowing that the Diocese will settle the account. Appointments will take place in London. Details below.
  5. If you wish, for a further fee of about £80* (which you would pay InterHealth), you can ask InterHealth for the “UK Ministry Medical PLUS”. This adds an additional 90 minute consultation on work/life balance or stress management issues with someone well-equipped to understand ministerial life and pressures. If you are interested, discuss this optional “PLUS” with InterHealth when you book your appointment.
  6. This scheme is not age-dependent and is open to qualifying clergy at any age.
  7. ANY Clergy who are anxious about their health should of course contact in the normal way their Archdeacon or Area Bishop who are always ready to listen to such concerns.
  8. Clergy not parochially based should also contact the Area Bishop relevant to where they live.
  9. Only one Health Check per clergy person is guaranteed under this scheme.
  10. This Scheme will be revised and improved in the light of experience.
  11. The Scheme will be funded through the Diocesan Budget, and is expected to cost between £3k and £4k p.a. (averaged over 5 years). The Scheme was brought in before being included in the Diocesan Budget, because the Bishops agreed to use their Discretionary Funds until the Diocesan Budget is fully supporting the scheme.

Applications should be directed to your Area Bishop’s Office.

Any other questions about this scheme, other than applications, should be directed to the Diocesan Office.

In either case, mark enquiries: “Clergy Health Checks”.

InterHealth are at:
111 Westminster Bridge Road
London, SE1 7HR

Tel: 020 7902 9000

For further details visit:

(“Membership” of InterHealth is irrelevant to this Diocesan Scheme)

Clergy are also entitled to be referred to St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy for free consultations. Click the link to go to their web page for advice and help.

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