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The Lent Holy Sabbatical provides an opportunity to reflect on the last two years and listen and disc where God might be calling us as a diocesan family.

This page contains prayer resources and liturgy for churches groups and individuals. More resources will be added to this page as we move towards and through Lent. 

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A prayer for others

O great and generous God, graciously set your eye this day

on those who know their need of you

through pain, through trouble,

through grief, through their own fault.                    


Nurse the weak,

bandage the broken, console the desolate,  

forgive the penitent.


O Christ who shared our flesh, graciously set your eye this day

on those who have no need for you

through pride, through disappointment,

through doubt, through the failure of false friends.


Soften the hardened heart,

confront the arrogant will,

uncover hidden depths

and the truth that sets us free.


O Holy Spirit, breath of God,

move among us this day.

Open us to the beauty of the earth

so that we may become its servants.

Open us to the wonder of life

that we may recognise an angel at every corner.

Open to us the storehouse of your grace

and we will be made new for Jesus’ sake.



Source: “A Wee Worship Book” © 2015 Wild Goose Resource Group


Prayer and liturgy from Chelmsford Cathedral

Chelmsford Cathedral are publishing daily prayers and liturgy throughout Lent which are linked below and also available on the Cathedral's Prayers and Silence web pages.

Daily Prayers from Chelmsford Cathedral 

Lent week 6 

Sunday 3 April 

Monday 4 April 

Tuesday 5 April 

Wednesday 6 April 

Thursday 7 April 

Friday 8 April 

Saturday 9 April 

Holy week

Palm Sunday 

Monday 11 April 

Tuesday 12 April 

Wednesday 13 April 

Maundy Thursday 

Good Friday 

Holy Saturday / Easter Eve

  • Each Wednesday there will be a 10-minute recording of evening prayer followed by a reflection from The Bishop of Chelmsford, one of our area Bishops or the Dean of Chelmsford. 
  • Throughout Lent there will also be a series of podcast reflections from the Dean of Chelmsford, a prayer of the day and a short reflection.

Chelmsford Cathedral Prayer and Silence Resources



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