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Stations of the cross (a new reflection for each day of Holy Week until Easter)

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7pm – Reflection for Holy Week by Bishop John Perumbalath, followed by compline 

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Podcast- Walking the Way of the Cross, Prayers and Reflections on the BIblical Stations of the Cross.

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By Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder and Philip North courtesy of St Nicholas Durham Website.


Podcast- Song of Songs Part 1, The Gospel Heard Through Folk Song, St Leonard's Lexden


Video - Holy Reflections for Monday by Bishop John with Compline

Video - Mary of Bethany

Some questions to think about:

  • What do you think about what Mary says about Jesus?
  • What do you think about what she did?
  • Why did she do it?
  • What is the ‘all’ that you could give?
  • What other questions do you have about this?


Video - David Suchet Reads Mark's Gospel


Music - St John's Passion, Johannes Bach


Music - What Kind of Love is this? Brynn and Sally Haworth


Cleansing of the Temple, a Poem by Revd Caroline Beckett

When the cool pillars no longer seemed to reach Heaven

And the sacred space swarmed with a Babel of trade and depravity

I watched the white fury rise in his face

Like divine lightening.


He was flame: upright, urgent, devouring,

Taut with a purpose his flesh could neither contain nor sustain

Without violence. Suddenly terrifying and tall,

This mild carpenter from Galilee.


I watched him knot the cords, his muscles bunching

Each movement brutally eloquent of the deepest rage.

He trembled and sweat lapped the corner

Of one widening eye.


In the shade behind him, knife whetted, I stood

Spellbound by the majesty of an anger that broke

From the rock of eternity, potent as fire.

I yearned toward him in his indignation.


 He struck out with lash and with cry,

With a heart too much breaking to be exultant

And while my arm tensed for the fray and my heart whispered messiah

I wept for his pain.


Visual Display by Emma Anderton

On Palm Sunday we asked you to collect leaves from the garden, or make leaves from green paper to place them on the tray in the centre of your prayer space.

Today add a perfume bottle or spray or a container of olive oil to the tray.


Feet drawing - Emma Anderton

Mary washes Jesus’ feet with oil.

Draw around everyone’s feet in the household and write down places you normally go to.

A Labyrinth - Revd Caroline Beckett

The Labyrinth is a good image for the Christian life. There is only one path to the centre, you just have to keep walking it.

Download the Labyrinth

Holy Week Table Display by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a table display using advent candles or tea lights on a tray.

Find out more here

Here's what you can do today:

Light all five candles, then snuff one out. Cut a dove out of a piece of white paper (if your art skills are a bit rusty, you could always print one to cut out) and add it to the tray.

Tell the story of Jesus cleansing the temple. The dove is added today partly because that’s one of the things being bought and sold in the temple, and partly because it’s a symbol of purity.

Holy Week Window Gallery by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a Window Gallery.

Find out more here.

Here's what you might make to put in your gallery today:

Make a white dove, to show how Jesus cleansed the temple and brings purity and peace to all of us.


Baking our way through Holy Week by Rachel Summers

For this Monday of Holy Week, I am choosing to remember the story of Jesus in the temple. Not the boy Jesus, getting lost and being found in the temple, his Father’s house, discussing the law and the prophets with wisdom far beyond his years. This story is the one where Jesus enters the temple and finds it full of people buying and selling, and cheating each other. He thunders, ‘This places is meant to be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!’ Sometimes we feel that anger isn’t a very Christian emotion, but feeling righteous anger can be a very holy thing indeed, if it causes us to act and to change things that need changing.

  • Put 200g of biscuits (digestives or rich tea biscuits work well) in a bag, and bash them with a rolling pin until they’re well smashed up. As you bash, bring to mind the injustices in the world that you feel angry about.
  • Melt 135g of butter or margarine with 200g of chocolate and 2 or 3 tbsp of golden syrup. You can get away with less chocolate if you can’t find much- or have eaten your emergency cooking chocolate stash- by adding a bit more butter, some sugar, preferably light brown muscavado, and cocoa powder instead.
  • Tip the biscuits into the melted mixture, along with 100g of mini marshmallows- or chopped up normal size marshmallows if that’s all you can find- and up to 100g of other yummy stuff you’ve got in your cupboard. Dried fruit is good. We often use hoop cereal. Maybe you’ve got some chocolate chips, or some chocolate confectionary bars that could be chopped up and added in? As you add all your different ingredients, think about the different ways in which people find solutions to problems in the world.
  • Mix it all together, and tip it into a baking tin, smoothing it right into the corners. Chill, and cut slices to eat, as you chat together about where you see that things are wrong, and ways in which you can work for God’s justice and peace.



Pray for the people and places familiar to you.

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