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Bible Reading - John 19, 38-42

All Age Easter Vigil by Revd Canon Janet Nicholls

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8pm until Dawn Rumours of Hope 2020

Rumours of Hope is a virtual vigil for Easter Eve from across the Church of England featuring Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell Bishop of Chelmsford

An invitation and programme is available here

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Listen - Look - Act - Pray


Listen and Watch

Podcast- Walking the Way of the Cross, Prayers and Reflections on the BIblical Stations of the Cross.

By Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder and Philip North courtesy of St Nicholas Durham Website.


Video - The Story of Easter

Watch this re-telling of the Easter story.

You might like to stop it at 4 minutes when Jesus is laid in the tomb and continue by putting a pebble on your tray in the 'Look' section below.


Video- Sorrow by Revd Caroline Beckett (featured art by Turvey Abbey)


Music - In Christ Alone by Celtic Worship


A Poem for Holy Saturday by Rev Caroline Beckett


Though the night is past and the day opens like a new flower,

It is dark inside me.

Though the sun shines and people laugh and there is birdsong,

It is sad inside me.

Though loved ones gather and a place is prepared for me,

It is lonely inside me

Though food is cooked and shared, and stories told,

It is hungry inside me.

Beyond blankets and hugs and cups of hot tea

It is cold inside me.

My heart -

My heart is dark, sad, lonely, hungry, cold inside me.

But you God,

Be also inside me.

Be bigger inside me.

Help me to hold my shape around the emptiness,

Fill me out with somethingness, with the Youness of You;

Help me re-find the Me-ness of me;

Tell me again who I am, who You are,

What our story is and that these days, these days will pass.

Tell my dark, sad, lonely, hungry, frozen heart

Who we are and will always be together.




A Visual Table Display by Emma Anderton

On Palm Sunday we asked you to collect leaves from the garden, or make leaves from green paper to place them on the tray in the centre of your prayer space.

Today place a pebble on the tray to represent the sealed tomb.

You could also add some white cloth too.


Pebble decoration by Emma Anderton

Jesus lies in the tomb, behind the large stone rolled across the entrance. Find a pebble and write some words on it to express how you feel about this or decorate it.

You could build a ‘den’ and spend some time quietly in their thinking about Jesus and praying or reading the Easter story.

Play hide and seek or hide an object for others to find.

Holy Week Table Display by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a table display using advent candles or tea lights on a tray. Find out more here. Here's what you can do today:

The candles remain snuffed out. Add a stone, as you tell how Jesus’ body had been taken down from the cross and placed inside a tomb, and a huge stone had been rolled across the entrance to seal it.

Holy Week Window Gallery by Rachel Summers

On Palm Sunday we provided instruction to make a Window Gallery.

Find out more here.

Here's what you might make to put in your gallery today:

Use dark colours to create a mound for a tomb, and a circle to be the stone rolled over the entrance.

Baking our way through Holy Week by Rachel Summers

A quiet day today. A day of quiet anticipation for us; a day of quiet despair for the disciples. And a day where marvellous things were about to happen, unseen. A day where the world was about to be turned upside-down.

So what better to make than pineapple upside-down cake? My kids will be over the moon when we get to this part. It’s their favourite. You start by creating the glaze and the decoration, but right in the bottom of the tin.

  • Mix together 50g butter or margarine, and 50g light brown sugar, and spread this over the bottom of a cake tin and a little way up the sides. Open a tin of pineapple rings, and place these in a lovely pattern all over the base, putting glace cherries in each hole. Here is all our glorious hope for Easter- but we can’t see it yet. We’re going to hide it under some sponge cake mixture.
  • Mix together 100g butter or margarine, 100g caster sugar, and 100g self-raising flour, along with 1 tsp baking powder, 1tsp vanilla essence, plus two tablespoons of the juice or syrup from the pineapples (you can drink the rest- baker’s treat). Pour this over the pineapples and glace cherries, until they are completely covered, just like Jesus’ body, hidden from sight behind the great stone at the entrance to his tomb.
  • Bake for 35mins at 180 degrees/GM4, then take out of the oven. Carefully without burning yourself, up-end it onto a plate. All that hidden beauty and colour can now be seen, like the life that bursts into the world again at springtime, like the life of Jesus that fills the world with love and goodness.

Eat with ice cream if your sweet tooth can bear it, and talk about times you felt all hope was lost, and of the joy that came after weeping.



Hold a stone in your hand (if you can’t find a pebble, then find something heavy in your hand, you could always screw up some paper into a ball).

Think about how the disciples must have felt on that Saturday.

Ask God to help you when your faith feels weak or your worries too heavy.

Resources for each day

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