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General learning in the EYFS

Twinkle Home learning resource pack

Early Education
links for home learning early years and primary
Subjects to include growing, Alive in 5, Light and dark, just like me.


BBC bitesize articles

Bud’s Number Garden
Join Bud the bee to explore his magical garden and practise recognising numbers, counting, sequencing and much more. This game is great for children in their first year of school or for pre-school children who want a taste of what they'll be learning when they start.

A collection of musical films on counting one to 10, 10 to 20, sets and ordinal numbers.

Songs for learning the vocab of measuring as well as how to counting time and money.

Space and shape
A collection of musical films on 2D and 3D shapes, movements, shapes and patterns.

An animated series full of number tricks, available to watch on iPlayer.

Bitz and Bob
Join Bitz and her little brother Bob in their animated engineering adventures. Available to watch on iPlayer.

Bitz and Bob game
Help Bitz and Bob solve fun engineering problems and earn rewards along the way. A great way to explore maths and puzzles.

Literacy, Language and Communication

School Radio: Nursery rhymes collection
A collection of well-known nursery rhymes and counting songs designed to promote joining in with singing and actions.

School Radio: Playtime
Ideal for shared listening to get kids moving. Presented by Andy Day and Steven Kynman of CBeebies.

School Radio: Listening Skills
A collection of 14 audio episodes inviting children to listen carefully to sounds and identify them. An easy way to promote listening skills and sustained focus.

Welsh language
Learn the names of colours , the days of the week and how to count from one to 100 in Welsh.

CBeebies Storytime App
Read over 40 interactive stories including fairy tales, nursery rhymes and stories with CBeebies favourites like Peter Rabbit and the Octonauts.

Play to learn phonics with the Alphablocks.

Word waves
Watch the wave while you listen to a story. Key words from the story appear alongside the animated wave to reinforce listening.

Understanding the World

School Radio: Listen and Play
A collection of 50+ audio episodes that include a story, a song to join in with and simple movement activities, ideal for learning at home. Presented by CBeebee's Cat Sandion.

Maddie’s Do you Know
Learn new things with Maddie as she explores the world around us and discovers how stuff works. Available to watch on iPlayer.

Go Jetters
Funky Facts from Ubercorn and the Go Jetters crew to help explore places all around the world help with Geography.

Kit and Pup
Explore the wonderful world around us with Kit and Pup as they learn about everything from bubbles to trees.

Expressive Arts and Design

CBeebies Get Creative app
Get your kids painting, making music, creating stories, inventing toys and building blocks with their favourite CBeebies friends. Perfect indoor activities to inspire creativity.

Bring the Noise 
The campaign to inspire music learning and make every child in the UK a musician. Includes songs, quizzes, musical exercises and more!

Ten Pieces
Resources to help your little ones get creative with classical music.

Wellbeing and development

Personal Development and mutual understanding (PDMU)
A collection of 17 films featuring puppets Pip and Declan to help children understand their feelings and emotions and how they can keep healthy and safe.

My first day at school
A great game to play with your child and walk them through their first day at school.

Starting Primary School
Support and resources for parents to help prepare your little ones take the first big step into Primary School.

Teach: feeling better
A collection of clips presented by Dr Radha Moghil that explore feelings and emotions, as well as providing talking points and tools to feel better.

Physical Education and Development

Super Movers
Resources across the curriculum to help get your little ones learning whilst staying fit and healthy! With subjects spanning from Maths to Modern Foreign Languages,these musical videos encourage movement whilst engaging the brain.

See Bring the Noise for more songs with actions to improve rhythm, timing and counting.

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