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The Colchester Pioneer Hub means a chance: to share the challenges we've faced in exploring fresh expressions of church, to listen and be encouraged/inspired by other faith filled pioneers, to pray for God's Kingdom to come in our village and in North East Essex.

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An Invitation! Find out more about local pioneering and meet some of our practitioners in action!

Colchester Pioneer Hub – An Introduction

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Elmstead House Church

Forest Church

CO2 - Abbeyfields Community House


Come and meet the Hayward family in action on the Kingswood Heath Estate and see their approach to reaching out to their community

Kingswood Heath Story So Far


Below are a collection of photos and comments from current members.

Flying kites at Colchester Pioneer Hub

Not everyone in the wider Church understands or 'gets’ what pioneers of fresh expressions of church/missional communities are trying to do and as a result it can be a lonely/heart breaking road to journey on so having like-minded, faith-filled pioneers to support and encourage you has been vital in keeping the fire going.  I am sure that without the Hub we would have crashed and burned up a long time ago.

A rural Pioneer Minister 

I am delighted to be a part of the Colchester Pioneer Hub. It has opened up new horizons, in terms of an awareness of other expressions of church, encouragement for one another to keep going, and sharing in the struggles of daily pioneer ministry. Plugging into the support and fellowship of the hub has been essential and instrumental in the direction that my own pioneering work has taken. Meeting for prayer with the lead pioneers Dave and Janie in particular has been life changing. Exciting times.

Will Abbott, Hope Community Church, Witham


Missional Accompaniment

I’ve benefited greatly from missional accompaniment provided through the Colchester Pioneer Hub. It is invaluable to have someone alongside who understands what it is like to lead a non-traditional and pioneering form of church. The ideas, insights, prayers and encouragements are a much needed support as we seek to be church for the homeless and vulnerable.

Peter Dale, Director Open Door, Colchester

Community Garden

I have been involved in mini hubs for the last few years, taking various forms depending on who, what, where and when! The common element that has held each one together is sharing and most importantly praying with like-minded and spirited people who are also on the pioneering journey, which at times can feel like quite a lonely one. 

Naomi Snelling, Abbeyfields Community Project


We are very pleased to have been invited to participate in the Colchester Pioneer Hub. The Hub embodies a strong message that pioneer work, in many forms, plays an increasingly necessary part in spreading the Gospel in a pluralistic, post-modern culture. Most importantly, it recognises that pioneer work is different from doing church or church planting normally, requiring different approaches to training, practice, and evaluation. In this context, it's been encouraging to get to know and hear from the other participants about their vision, what they plan to do in practice, and how things are going. The range of project types is unexpectedly varied and helps stimulate our own thinking. We also appreciate the Hub's informal training, as well as the opportunity to do a more formal course.

At the same time, we have joined a Mini Hub, which includes people from projects located on the north side of Colchester. We meet for a couple of hours every six or eight weeks to catch up with news, share insights and passions, and to pray together. We are from a range of church traditions, doing different things, with varied personalities and skills, but there is a deep unity of motivation and objectives. For us, our get-togethers are a real treat – and we never want to miss them!

John & Sue Kevan
Colchester Vineyard Project


In response to the need for ongoing training, The Pioneer Hub is continuing to run the Mission Shaped Ministry Course. This course provides both a theological framework for church planting and engages participants in interactive small group processes for discussion and reflection.

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