Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

Chelmsford Diocese is committed to responding to God’s mission to Essex and East London. We aspire to be a transforming presence in every community. We seek to meet the challenge of living the Good News among and for all the people whom we serve.

The Mission Opportunity Fund is formed of three streams, as set out below. 

1. Unit Development Fund

The UDF is a funding stream within the MOF aimed at helping units and prospective units work together on the activity or project that would most help with the formation of the new Unit, either in terms of taking forward a Mission Priority Area or getting a new Mission & Ministry Unit working effectively. The guidance note below gives some examples of what sorts of applications could be made. 

This funding is split into two rounds annually:

January award round: application deadline 1 December of the preceeding year
June award round: application deadline 1 June 

The guidance note and application form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below
UDF Guidance note
UDF Application Form

2. Non UDF applications 

Although the MOF is primarily aimed at supporting unit development it is still possible for single parish applications to be submitted using the non-UDF application form

The Criteria for non-UDF applications can be downloaded here - MOF criteria

For non-UDF applications please ensure these are submitted by 1 October and 1 May each year so they can be considered by the relevant Area Mission and Pastoral Committee before going to the Assessment Committee  

3. Small grants

If you are seeking a small amount of funding, £1,000 or less, then the MOF's small grant stream is for you. The application can be downloaded here 

If you need any advice on the process for applying please contact Nathan Whitehead

For more information please contact Nathan Whitehead
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