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Bishop: Break the silence on nuclear weapons

7th Feb 2018

The Church of England ought to join the international campaign for nuclear disarmament, says Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford.

“Nuclear weapons cannot have anything to do with the justice and peace that God seeks to bring about in our world,” the Bishop says.  

He calls on the Church of England to debate the issue in General Synod, the Church’s Parliament. Synod last addressed this subject in 2007.

The Bishop was writing in Church Times on 9 February 2018. Read the article, 'Break the Silence on Nuclear Weapons'.

122 nations agreed a text for a new global Nuclear Ban Treaty that bans the use of nuclear weapons, their possession and future development in July 2017.  Countries possessing nuclear weapons, including the UK, oppose this treaty.  

On Saturday 10 February Bishop Stephen is hosting a fringe meeting at General Synod to ask the question, ‘Can nuclear weapons be banned?’ 

Bishop Stephen Cottrell leads the Diocese of Chelmsford - the Church of England in Essex and East London.