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An Easter message from the Bishop of Chelmsford

17th Apr 2022

The Right Reverend Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, the Bishop of Chelmsford has written her Easter message for 2022.

I love this time of year - leaves and blossom on the trees; the air full of the sound of birdsong; and warmth beginning to return to the sunshine. Each and every spring, it really feels like new life is on the horizon. The greatest sign of that new life is of course the earth-shattering and extraordinary event that changed the world for ever – Easter Day – the most important day in the Christian calendar.

We can’t of course have that new life - that happy ending - without the drama and apparent tragedy of Holy Week: the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, while the crowds wave palms and shout ‘Hosanna’ to their king and then just a few days later turn on him to shout “Crucify”; the intimate meal of the Last Supper that Jesus has with his friends on Maundy Thursday; his betrayal and trial; and his death in agony on the cross on Good Friday.

All is silence and despair; and darkness falls over the face of the earth. But suddenly the light floods in again, and the silence is broken by the euphoria of the discovery of the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, just as he had promised. And in that moment, the world is transformed for ever.

The message of Easter for us is that no matter how bleak life seems, no matter how we feel we have let God down, no matter what we face in our lives, God’s love for us is stronger than anything, even than death. This perhaps is a message we need to hear more strongly once again after the devastation of the last two years of pandemic. It is also a message we are called to share and live out in the communities we serve. Through the good news of Easter, we can hope, live and love again in the light and peace of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

                         “Thine be the glory, risen conquering Son;
                          endless is the victory thou o’er death has won!”

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