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Bishop - “Christ’s birth is not fake news but the truth for all”

25th Dec 2017

Preaching his Christmas 2017 sermon against the backdrop of a year of “post truth” and “fake news” Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop if Chelmsford, has said:

“The Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ isn't one relative, biased, personal truth among many alternatives on the smorgasbord of a post-truth world. It is the truth through which all other truths and claims to truth are measured.

“It isn't one fact in the world of facts. It is the lens through which all the facts of the universe are examined.

“It isn't fake news. It isn't made up to satisfy the restless yearnings of a primitive and gullible people. It isn’t opium for the masses, but springs of living water bursting out of barren ground.”

“It can't just be my truth. It is either true for everyone or true for no one.”

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