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Bishop - ‘God will comfort us but also strengthen us’

25th Dec 2018

Preaching his Christmas 2018 sermon at Chelmsford Cathedral, Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford spoke about comfort in unsettling times.  

Bishop Stephen said: 

 ""Comfort ye", says God, “Comfort my people.” 

"We gather around God’s table this Christmas, and whether we are those who gather round this table every week, or whether we are those who are drawn each Christmas to the light in the darkness which is the Christ child born of Mary but are still not sure exactly where we stand with God, we each have a responsibility to demonstrate to the world that we have seen something in Christ that is good news for the whole world; that is comfort for the human spirit.

For in the birth of Christ we see what humanity is supposed to look like. We see a way of being human and a way inhabiting life that is balm and blessing and strength."

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