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Bishop: Jesus came to raise the dead

26th Mar 2016

“God sends his Son not so much to save us from death,” preached Bishop Stephen Cottrell in his Easter Day sermon, “but to save us through death. We are saved by his death, and we, now and at the hour of our death, are safe in him.”  

“God sees me drowning, he sees me sinking beneath the waters, and he jumps in and holds me and drowns with me.”

Good Friday means

“Not just that Jesus dies. But God was in Jesus dying with me,”

the Bishop said, while the meaning of Easter is

"God in Jesus meeting us in our death…and then being raised…to the new beginning of the new creation, where to our utter amazement and surprise, Jesus is risen, and us with him, to a new life and a new hope.”

We are

“not just saved from something but for something: the new life of heaven.”

In his Sermon Bishop Stephen explains what “being saved” means and does not mean: our “good behaviour” is not “the key to relationship with God, and therefore to salvation.”

“Jesus meets us in our sin and death.”

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