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Bishop: “Our country should take a lead in the greatest humanitarian crisis facing Europe”

7th Mar 2017

Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, has responded to the news that the government has decided to end the Dubs amendment scheme allowing vulnerable refugee children into the UK.

"I both seconded the motion and spoke in the debate in the House of Lords when the Dubs amendment was passed in the House of Lords last year and the Government agreed to bring refugee children to this country,"

said Bishop Stephen.

"It felt like a victory for decency and compassion, Christian virtues that have shaped the life of our nation over generations.

“It is depressing, therefore, to learn that the Government is stepping back from this commitment. We keep being told that we are leaving the European Union, not leaving Europe, but this does feel like post-Brexit Britain becoming a place where the problems and challenges of the world are not ours to share. I hope the Government will reconsider.

“In or out of the EU, we belong to one humanity and our country should take a lead in this the greatest humanitarian crisis facing Europe. Children need our help. Why must the answer be no?”