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Bishop’s Easter Day Sermon: ‘God has had the last laugh. So we can have the last laugh too.’

1st Apr 2018

Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, has preached:

“It appears that death and defeat always have the last word. Or on this Easter Day, which by a happy coincidence of the calendar is also April Fool’s Day, should we say, has the last laugh. But Easter teaches us otherwise. God is the one who is laughing. The whole Easter story is one of astonishing reversal, of surprising new beginnings…

“…God has had the last laugh. The last laugh on death. The last laugh on sin. The last laugh on despair. Jesus is risen from the dead, and we have a new start with God. What looked to the world like foolishness turns out to be the deepest wisdom of all. God has turned everything around in the resurrection of Jesus Christ…

“…We can inhabit life in a new way; we can have the last laugh too.”

Bishop Stephen was preaching on Easter Day 2018 at Chelmsford Cathedral.

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Image: Bishop Stephen at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday at Chelmsford Cathedral