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Colchester remembers St Helena

15th Aug 2018

The Patron Saint of Colchester, St Helena, will be remembered in Colchester on St Helena's Day when the Bishop of Colchester, Roger Morris, will lead a Christian service of commemoration.

Bishop Roger has said:

Helena was an important figure in the history of early Christianity. On St Helena's Day we will be remembering Helena and all the Christians who have handed the living faith of Jesus Christ down to us today.

“It is very appropriate that Helena, the mother of a Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity, should be associated with Colchester, Britain's oldest town.

“Just as St Helena devoted herself to searching for the True Cross, so we should look for and celebrate examples of selfless love in our own communities. An excellent example of selfless love in action is Beacon House, the local homelessness charity, which will be serving breakfast after the service.”

Image: Statue of St Helena on Colchester Town Hall.

More information

The service will be held on Saturday 18 August at 9.00 am at the remains of the church next to the Police Station at the Maldon Road roundabout. All are warmly welcomed. 

According to legend, St Helena (c 250 - c 330 AD) was born in Colchester and founded the church. Helena is remembered as the Christian mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, whose decision to cease persecuting Christians encouraged the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire. She is reputed to have travelled to the Holy Land in search of the True Cross (or the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified).

Christians are still persecuted in many countries across the world today, and they will be prayed for at the service.

After the service breakfast will be served at the new home of Beacon House in Crouch Street, Colchester. Beacon House is a Christian charity that provides practical support to people who are homeless or living in temporary or insecure housing -

The Rt Revd Roger Morris is the Area Bishop of Colchester in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

The Diocese of Chelmsford is the Church of England in Essex and East London.