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Couple spring surprise wedding at christening

9th Oct 2014

The first baptism and the first wedding have been celebrated from the new London E20 postcode, the former Olympic athletes’ village, at St Paul’s Church in Stratford.

Duncan and Katie Wallace, pictured, wanted to have Finn (11 months) baptised and they also wanted to get married.

So they asked local vicar Jeremy Fraser, St Paul’s and St James’ parish priest, if he could do the services back to back.

“I had never done this before but felt, why not?” said Jeremy. “They wanted a wedding but without too much fuss and I wanted to support them.

“They told friends and family to come to the baptism of Finn and then stay for a baptism and engagement party.

“Instead, after Finn had been baptised by Revd Annie McTighe the Assistant Priest, Duncan stood up and asked all present to stay in their seats while the mum became bride and they got married.

“The shock turned to laughter as the surprise sunk in. Then there was warm applause.”

Mother of Finn and bride Katie Wallace said: “It was an amazing day beyond our expectations. We had our special day and our family and friends enjoyed the surprise element.”