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Dave begins exciting journey to help grow new Christian Communities

13th Mar 2019

Revd Canon Dave Wade, currently Vicar at St Luke’s church Victoria Docks, has been appointed Head of Development for Growing Christian Communities.

In his new role, Dave will have the responsibility for the development of Christian communities, pioneer ministry and fresh expressions across Chelmsford Diocese; this includes managing the Chelmsford Diocese church planting programme.

Welcoming this appointment Chief Executive and Secretary of Chelmsford Diocese, Joel Gowen, has said:

I’m delighted that Dave is taking up this important leadership role as we seek to grow 101 new Christian communities across the whole of Chelmsford Diocese. Dave brings a wealth of hands on experience growing churches at a parish level and joins the team at an exciting time when significant momentum is building.”

Dave added:

I am thrilled to have this new role of working with churches across the Diocese. I look forward to working with colleagues as they come up with ideas of how to be new Christian Communities and Churches. This is an exciting journey that we begin to build 101 new Christian Communities with God at the centre." 

Dave will start in his new role on 1 April 2019.


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