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Diocesan Chief Executive to head CofE Pensions Board

28th Mar 2018

We are pleased to offer many congratulations to John Ball, our Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary, on his appointment as the new Chief Executive of the Church of England Pensions Board.

The Bishop of Chelmsford Stephen Cottrell has said:

“John Ball has been the most tremendous colleague over the past seven years. One of the first things I had to do as a new Bishop of Chelmsford was appoint a new Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary. John was appointed and not only has his wise, expansive and good humoured leadership brought huge blessings to the diocese, I'm not sure I know how to be Bishop of Chelmsford without him.

“I will miss him hugely. I hope we may have made a good team. He has certainly left his mark on the diocese and enabled us to move forward in so many exciting ways.

“But this new post is a great opportunity for John. He will enjoy a fresh challenge and bring to the national church all those good and godly qualities that we have benefitted from.

“And because God is good; and because God loves the Chelmsford diocese, in due course his successor will have new things to show us and bring me the help I need in a new way.

“So please pray for John and his family as he makes this move, and join me in thanking him for his service to us.”

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