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East London church welcomes Bulgarians to “foretaste of heaven”

1st Jul 2014

The Bulgarian language church at St Paul's in Stratford has been welcomed and received into the fellowship of the Church of England.

Some 14 Bulgarians were baptised, 16 confirmed and 28 received into the Church of England at a service led by the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell on June 29.

The Priest in charge of St Paul's Stratford, Revd Jeremy Fraser, has said:

“The Bulgarians have a wonderful faith. They are settled in the UK, and meet on Fridays, as they are usually working on Sunday. They are a fantastic addition to our faith community.

“Stratford is a place where the world comes together. Our congregation already has people who grew up around here, and people who have come here from the West Indies, from Africa, from South America and from other parts of Europe. Our pianist is Taiwanese from Canada.

"The kingdom of heaven will have all nations worshipping together. We feel like we a foretaste of heaven.”

The Bulgarians had been worshipping separately as a hirer of the church, but decided to become Anglicans. They are about 60-80 strong, half of whom are local residents.

Picture: Big welcome from Bishop Stephen and the St Paul’s church family