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Education director sets out radical vision of equality

1st Sep 2018

Speaking at the start of the new academic year the Chelmsford Diocesan Director of Education has challenged those who see the value of education as limited to personal and national economic advantage and has set out a radically different vision.

It may be a prevailing view that education is a commodity that is all about individual advancement and monetary success; that its value for the individual is basically economic and its value for the nation is basically competitive advancement,”

said Tim Elbourne, but unlike the best education this narrow view contributes to a culture of "insiders and outsiders". The best education, by contrast, involves expanding spiritual horizons and opens up “a path to liberation” based not just on "equality before God in this life, but in the next too”.

This new vision reveals a reality from which “there is no going back”:

Having an exclusive top table for the insiders whilst outsiders receive only the scraps is an illusion.”

Image: Tim Elbourne at the diocesan [re:]source conference in June 2018 at the University of Essex.

More information

The Revd Tim Elbourne is the Chelmsford Diocesan Director of Education.

He was speaking in a podcast recorded for Education Sunday, 9 September 2018.

Listen to the podcast and download the transcript.