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Everyone invited to find a Common Voice at Chelmsford Cathedral on July 23

8th Jul 2016

In response to the instability and anxieties following the referendum vote and the publication of the report on the Iraq War, Chelmsford Cathedral has issued an open invitation to a morning of hospitality, refreshment and a chance to share stories.

Nicholas Henshall, the Dean of Chelmsford, (pictured) has said:

“The referendum vote has been followed by a lot of unintended consequences and our society feels fractured and vulnerable. Political instability and unprecedented levels of hate crime and abuse have led people across our country to feel insecure, and the publication of the report on the Iraq War has heightened anxiety.”

The event - called “For Goodness’ Sake – Finding a Common Voice” will be held on Saturday 23rd July 2016, from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. The morning will end with a free buffet lunch.

“Chelmsford Cathedral is the mother church of the Chelmsford Diocese and seeks to serve a region that stretches from Saffron Walden to Southend and from Clacton to Canning Town,"

said Dean Nicholas.

"We want to offer a safe space and an opportunity for welcome and hospitality to everyone who is seeking to make sense of what is going on in our country. It is an opportunity to share stories and listen to one another.

“Chelmsford Cathedral doesn’t care how you voted in the referendum, how you feel about the EU or what party you support. This is a gathering that crosses all those lines with an invitation to all communities, faiths, and cultures. Let’s find a common voice together.

“Please come:  all are welcome.”


Any enquiries to 01245 294492 please.

Download the poster.